Trading Terms

Minimum order?

We have a suggested minimum order of $150 ex gst.

      • Prices quoted are subject to change without notice and do not include GST
      • Prices invoiced will be those in force at the time of delivery
      • Prices do not include freight charges and will added to the invoice at cost via our assigned courier unless otherwise arranged
      • All goods remain the property of Stilus Australia Pty Ltd until payment is received in full.
      • Stilus Australia must be notified of all breakages and damages within 3 days of receipt of goods for claim
      • Other than statutory obligations, no warranty applies to the products

How do I place an order?

      • Orders may be placed by phone, fax, internet, email or with your local representative of Stilus which will then be processed.

New Customers

      •  A pro-forma invoice will be sent by email.
      • The order will be dispatched following payment.

Account Customers

      • Once your order is placed it will automatically be dispatched with a 30 day period in which to pay
      • Stilus reserve the right to refuse supply if our account terms are not met.

Payment Methods

      • Payment can be made by electronic funds transfer, credit card or cheque

Payment Terms
Payment Terms are Net 30 days from the end of the month in which the goods are purchased, to approved Purchasers only. All other sales are payment before Order, unless agreed in writing by Stilus Australia Pty Ltd.

If any payment is not made by the Purchaser to Stilus Australia Pty Ltd on the due date thereof:

    • a) The Purchaser shall, without prejudice to Stilus Australia Pty Ltd’s other rights, pay Stilus Australia Pty Ltd a default charge at the rate as approved by law per month or part thereof from the due date for payment until the date payment is made
    • b) Stilus Australia Pty Ltd reserves the right, and without prejudice to its other rights hereunder and at law, to cancel orders or to suspend deliveries of other Goods until such payment has been made
    • c) All monies owing to Stilus Australia Pty Ltd including all monies owing for Goods sold shall become immediately due and payable and the Purchaser shall indemnify Stilus Australia Pty Ltd against all costs (including Solicitor and own clients costs, commercial agents, comissions, freight, surcharges, fees, insurances, accounting costs, loss of profit and all the interest) incurred by Stilus Australia Pty Ltd as a result of such default and the action taken by Stilus Australia Pty Ltd in respect of the same.